Home Theater & Stereo Systems

We specialize in planning, specifying, and installing audiovisual systems, including home theater systems and screens, stereo systems, and smart home technology.

Kahane Group imports, markets, and distributes the world’s top audiovisual brands, and is a recognized expert in providing state-of-the-art A/V solutions for private homes and businesses.

These systems can be activated in a simple, user-friendly way from your tablet or iPhone, and you also have the option to broadcast your favorite content directly from your mobile device, no matter where you are geographically. All system planning is conducted in close cooperation with Israel’s leading architects and designers.


Our portfolio includes high-end wireless stereo systems, home theater systems, touch screens, and concealed audio solutions for private homes and businesses, as well as whole-home audio systems that even include gardens and balconies. The brands we work with are leaders in terms of not only technology, but also their design concepts, which can suit any space. Our team knows how to adapt A/V solutions to any budget, providing a powerful audio experience that gives you more time to relax, without having to deal with complex sound systems. Thanks to our product variety, expertise, and industry experience, our solutions can transform any space into a thrilling, immersive environment.


How do you imagine the soundscape of your home?
What’s the home theater system of your dreams? With Kahane Group, every dream can become a reality. Our professional team transforms your vision into a spectacular space, with home audiovisual systems, as well as premium theater and stereo systems. By combining our know-how with the most advanced technologies, we can design exactly the right system for you.

All A/V systems can be adapted to suit existing spaces, or we can integrate the design from the very beginning of the construction process – there’s a solution for every type of process or infrastructure.

החברה הינה יבואנית בלעדית של מותגי הסאונד המובילים בעולם, ביניהם חברות כגון :


Our large speaker range includes recessed, concealed, mobile, floor-standing, and wall-mounted speakers suitable for both interior and exterior environments. These come in a variety of designs and materials, with state-of-the-art technological options.

We also import home theater screens featuring the most advanced technologies on the market that work in complete harmony with the speakers to create a truly immersive, realistic audiovisual experience.

All solutions can be adapted to suit any space or surroundings, such as private homes, offices, workspaces, auditoriums, hotels, yachts, and restaurants.

Of course, these solutions are delivered with full attentive service, from planning, through implementation, until you receive the final product.


We Represent Leading Brands


Holon – Moshik Hadida
Photography: Oded Smadar

Arsuf – Guy Azrieli
Photography: Shai Epstein

House on the Cliff – Tal Goldsmith
Photography: Amit Geron

Ganei Tikva – Moshik Hadida
Photography: Oded Smadar

Savyon – Shirly Dan
Photography: Amit Geron

Arbel Steel – Maya Zaldman
Photography: Shay Gil

Tel Aviv – Maya Sheinberger
Photography: Itay Benit

Tel Aviv – Pitsou Kedem
Photography: Amit Geron

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Smart Home Audio Video Services

Our service begins with listening to and understanding the client’s requests, continues through defining the exact needs and adapting the right solutions to the type of project, and concludes with installation performed by a skilled team that delivers 24/7 personal service.

 All of our technicians have undergone professional certification related to all kinds of projects, whether for businesses or private clients.

Our technical team has 35 years of experience in the audiovisual field, including specialist knowledge relating to each brand we import.

We believe that the highest quality products, professional service, and a flexible schedule that suits your needs are the cornerstones of a successful procurement experience.