About the Cable & Wiring Protection Division

Avron, a company that was acquired by Kahane Group, specializes in importing and marketing high-end cable and wiring protection solutions, and also produces high-quality equipment suitable for evolving needs and working conditions.

Avron represents the top global manufacturers in the wiring field and serves clients from many sectors:

The expertise and professionalism of our team, as well as the wide product range by leading brands, joins with Kahane Group’s strength to offer clients a broad variety of solutions adapted to client needs.


Avron offers around 100 piping models, enabling its professional team to match the client’s needs with a product that offers long-term survivability and durability in rugged environments, including UV radiation, extreme temperatures, salinity, fuels and chemicals, oils, and so on.

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Meet Our Team

We specialize in the import, specification, and sale of wire and cable protection products, suited to a wide range of evolving needs and working environments. Our team has many years of industry experience and knows how to respond to all types of project requirements, utilizing quality control and management procedures that comply with the most stringent standards.

Avron’s knowledge and professionalism enables us to provide the highest quality solutions adapted to each client’s needs, from defining the relevant solution to supplying ongoing technical support and warranties.

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