About the Multimedia Division

We specialize in planning and implementing advanced multimedia, switching, and signal distribution solutions that ensure seamless integration among all systems in the room. These solutions are adapted to the needs of the business and private sector, and include energy saving and electrical management elements.

The integrated response we provide is unique in the Israeli market. Most companies in Israel only specialize in one of these fields, so they can only provide the client with a partial solution. Meanwhile, we work closely with multimedia consultants and electrical planning experts to deliver a comprehensive, attractive solution for a broad variety of projects.


All solutions can be integrated within a wide range of environments, including:


Businesses and organizations are required to accommodate a wide range of meeting needs, from internal training sessions to client conferences. It is therefore vital that each meeting room provides a user-friendly solution for connecting different audiovisual equipment, such as laptops, desktops, audio players, converter cables, video conferencing systems, and so on.

Our meeting room management systems present the ideal solution for arranging and managing business meeting rooms, so you can check room availability from any computer at any moment, and also invite meeting participants according to that availability.

Interactive Screens

Our multimedia services provide a platform for displaying an enormous variety of content on interactive display screens: text messages in different formats, presentations, RSS feeds, videos, and much more. Video walls comprise adjacent screens of different shapes and sizes, which can display several types of content simultaneously, usually when acting together to form one large screen. This enables you to present marketing content in various formats and with the greatest flexibility. Video walls are especially popular in office lobbies, auditoriums, showrooms, stores, control rooms, malls, and so on.


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