About Sync

Sync specializes in supplying a full spectrum of high-quality renewable energy solutions, including the planning, construction, and management of EV charging, solar energy, and energy storage systems, as well as multi-system integration.

We market the world’s top super-brands in the EV charging field, including Alfen, ABB, and ABL, offering both AC and DC options. This enables us to provide the optimal tailor-made solution for clients in residential buildings, office towers, malls, and large parking lots. Thanks to 90 years of experience in the electrical industry, we understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability for every project.


EV Charging Stations & Energy Management
for Private Houses

When you live in a single-family home with your own adjacent parking space, you can purchase and install an EV charging station suitable for a private home. Our team will guide you through the sales and installation process, providing thorough support from A to Z.

We also offer a simple and efficient energy management solution for private homes, which makes it easy to track your home electrical consumption on a regular basis, while also charging your EV relatively quickly.


EV Charging Stations & Energy Management
for Condominiums

We plan, build, and manage EV charging solutions for shared parking lots, emphasizing coordination between the needs of the residents and the representatives of the condo committee or management company. Our solutions can be adapted to suit every residential tower, in accordance with its character and current energy capacities. We install and operate the EV charging stations as well as an energy management system that ensures full control of the parking lot, including monitoring power availability and consumption, and enables ongoing flexible management.


EV Charging Stations & Energy Management
for Office Towers, Malls & Leisure Centers

Our solutions enable EV charging in the parking lots of office buildings as well as commercial, leisure, and shopping centers.

We can provide office workers with personal charging stations for each parking space, or several charging stations that will each be used by various employees. In commercial and shopping centers, EV charging stations will be available in designated parking spaces for the use of employees and visitors. In every case, the solution includes a full accounting process to ensure safe and efficient energy management.


EV Charging Stations & Energy Management
for Business Fleets

Switching over to an EV fleet requires a comprehensive, 360° response to the needs of electric vehicle drivers.

EV fleets are one of the most economical options for businesses seeking to reduce their fleet costs. However, certain challenges come along with the financial benefits, and that’s where we step in, helping to make the transition smooth and easy. As part of the service, we will come to survey your site and perform in-depth research based on the project type, which will help us create the perfect charging solution for you.

Energy Management System

Sync’s hi-tech highlight is the smart energy management system that controls the EV charging stations via an open communication protocol. This system manages the energy consumption of all the charging stations, both individually and together, monitors charging status and activity, defines priorities, dynamically manages electrical loads, ensures continuity, and guarantees the ideal EV charging solution.

The energy management system connects to each vehicle’s charger and learns each driver’s consumption habits, travel distances, and usage days. While on the road, you can also receive information on the location and availability of EV charging stations across Israel, including directions to them, their rates, and their peak times. When charging, you will receive real-time data on the charging speed.
In addition, the management system offers the option to integrate with other systems, such as solar energy and energy storage, and operate them in a holistic manner.

Sync APP

Advanced Smart Energy Management App

Using an electric vehicle can save on your energy expenses, but it requires smart planning and management. The Sync App was created to help start and stop the charging process, manage payments, view charging history, and even issue receipts. The app’s main purpose is to provide a convenient user-friendly interface that enables you to charge your vehicle and manage your account, giving you peace of mind alongside all the EV charging information and tools you need.


Case Studies

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דימרי דימונה

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EV Charging Service

We understand the importance of continuity in the supply of EV charging services to our clients. That is why we established our service division, which provides rapid, high-quality responses to all Sync customers. Our professional team has years of experience in the electrical field, covering many diverse projects, and holds an exceptionally high number of licenses and certifications. The Sync customer service center is available 24/7, and we undertake to respond to any malfunction within 48 hours of the problem being reported.