About the Smart Homes Division

We specialize in importing, specifying, and installing smart home and building automation systems. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have amassed an impressive resume that reflects our standing as Israel’s leading company and a pioneer in this field. 

We supply smart solutions for all types of projects and buildings – from high-rise buildings, through industrial and commercial facilities, to the private sector.

As part of the technological innovation we are pioneering, we are proud to represent the foremost smart home and building automation systems, which interface with the KNX protocol and enable us to provide customized smart solutions. All of these projects are accompanied by Israel’s most acclaimed architects, who have worked closely with us for many years, as we collaborate to make every design dream a reality.


We believe that a smart home is a residential environment where advanced systems make our lives much more efficient and comfortable. Our smart home not only understands our needs but also listens to us as consumers. Energy management, timer setting, control, monitoring, and visualization are common smart home concepts and enable you to create an interactive environment that combines comfort, aesthetics, and energy savings.


A smart building system allows for complete flexibility in the planning, operation, and control of the building’s electrical systems, such as: blinds, shades, air conditioning, underfloor heating, electric drapes, electric heating, security cameras, alarms, and smart outlets. This enables maximum comfort while minimizing electrical accessories and maintaining appealing aesthetics.



Among our solutions is a wired system with a KNX device from ABB, a longstanding German brand that has won hundreds of awards thanks to its technology and stability. KNX devices comply with a European protocol standard for building automation, which is followed by 560 manufacturers in 170 countries, ensuring optimal convenience and flexibility for clients without the need to rely on a single supplier.

 The ABB system’s flexible design works with the KNX protocol for state-of-the-art management of all electrical systems within the home.

This solution can be integrated into a project of any type or scale during the construction planning phase. We have more than 100 switch models from various prominent European brands that complement the solution in a precise, aesthetic way, putting the perfect finishing touch on the project in accordance with client needs.

We also offer a wireless system by Vimar, the high-end Italian brand that achieves the ultimate in elegance every year, merging spectacular technology with refined design through a range of switches covering all possible shapes, colors, and textures. This system allows simple and easy installation within both new and existing apartments, without the need for any special infrastructure.

 All solutions can be adapted to any space or environment – private homes, offices, workspaces, auditoriums, hotels, restaurants, and so on.

Of course, all of this is fully supported by our service team from the planning stage, through implementation, until you receive the finished product.


A smart home involves not only a system, but also design elements. So we can bring you the ideal look for your home or building, we offer a variety of switches exclusively imported from Europe’s premier brands, which produce unique switches with a contemporary, rustic, vintage, or other design, precisely complementing your interior decor. These switches are also compatible with the ABB KNX system and can therefore be used within the system and to control all dimming methods currently on the market.


Wave goodbye to conventional electrical systems and welcome Vimar’s wireless IoT technology, which can control all electrical systems within your home. This smart system suits any home and can be installed in just one day.

Now you can replace any switch in your house with a smart Vimar switch, even if your current switches are decades old. We offer a wide range of switches, including 2-way switches, shutter actuators, light switches, socket outlet control, and more. It’s never been simpler, easier, or more convenient for you.



Our system gives you a sense of complete control over your surroundings, with advanced integration covering full automation, full two-way control, and breakthrough technologies. There is no need to purchase dedicated remotes, as the system can be installed on any smartphone, tablet, or iPad. Various docking station models can be added for wall and/or desktop installation, enabling an especially convenient, user-friendly experience.


We Represent Leading Brands


Case Studies

Holon – Moshik Hadida
Photography: Oded Smadar

Arsuf – Guy Azrieli
Photography: Shai Epstein

House on the Cliff – Tal Goldsmith
Photography: Amit Geron

Ganei Tikva – Moshik Hadida
Photography: Oded Smadar

Savyon – Shirly Dan
Photography: Amit Geron

Arbel Steel – Maya Zaldman
Photography: Shay Gil

Tel Aviv – Maya Sheinberger
Photography: Itay Benit

Tel Aviv – Pitsou Kedem
Photography: Amit Geron

Tel Aviv – Ayelet Shabo
Photography: Tamir Rogowski

Rishpon – Adi Oppenheim
Photography: Amit Geron

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Our service begins with listening to and understanding the client’s requests, continues through defining the exact needs and adapting the right solutions to the type of project, and concludes with installation performed by a skilled team that delivers 24/7 personal service. All of our technicians have undergone professional certification related to all kinds of projects, for the private sector and business sector alike. We believe that the highest quality products, combined with professional service and a flexible schedule that suits your needs, form the cornerstones of a successful purchasing experience.