About the Company

SDS is a hi-tech giant managed by Yossi Schoenfeld that provides data center services, including five server farms. The largest of these is located in the Modiin Industrial Zone and hosts the cloud servers of Google and Microsoft in Israel.

Kahane’s Solution

Kahane Group’s ILS and smart home teams worked in synergy to produce smart electrical panels. The SDS server farm covers more than 35,000 sqm and includes a sophisticated energy system with the highest level of redundancy. For a company of this size, the electrical panel therefore plays a central role, and the smart electrical panel changes the way we handle control, regulation, and safety issues for server farms.

Electrical Switchboards

By connecting state-of-the-art hardware and software, the smart panels can reliably and flexibly transmit and receive data in real time, while requiring minimal bandwidth. A smart electrical panel provides added value to the client, in that electrical load measurement and management in percentages enables a high level of accuracy and reliability, with a convenient user-friendly interface that facilitates savings in the PLC system, energy efficiency, and data storage.

We produced the electrical panels in accordance with the client’s request and to suit the nature of the SDS server farm. For this project, we drew on the best technologies available from around the world, including Logstrup electromechanical systems, the digital panel communication system in the energy centers, and the smart switching equipment created by ABB with the full support of our smart home team.

The ILS Service

The SDS project came to us at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic: a massive project that demanded precise planning from the engineering division, as well as the use and supply of top-notch raw materials from around the world (amounting to hundreds of tonnes) in order to produce the perfect electrical panels for the SDS server farms. At Kahane Group, we believe that even the greatest challenges can be overcome through motivation and effort. Everyone’s commitment was exceptional during this unprecedented period – the engineering division, ILS production workers, the logistics team, Kahane Group’s smart home team, and of course our top suppliers from Europe – and the results were soon clear to see. We are very proud to have accomplished this task while providing our signature professional, reliable service.