About SM Universe Electronics Ltd.

SM Universe officially joined Kahane Group in 2023. The acquisition of this company represented a significant step for us, as we seek to provide our clients and partners with the broadest and highest quality selection of advanced lighting solutions. Founded in 1988, SM Universe is engaged in developing, producing, marketing, and importing electrical and lighting products. It focuses on innovative developments in the field, and especially on energy-efficient and smart street lighting for smart cities. SM Universe represents several European companies at the forefront of LED technology and energy-saving lighting systems.


Meet Our Team

Our professional team brings together leading lighting, electrical, and electronics engineers from the field, all of whom have exemplary reputations and extensive industry experience. This team supports clients from the planning, visualization, and implementation stage, providing creative solutions to private customers, large companies, municipalities and local councils, and also to planning agencies such as designers and lighting design firms.

The variety of solutions we provide, coupled with our wide-ranging experience, enables us to develop precisely the right solution for each client, based on our collaboration and a clear understanding of the project’s requirements.

We assist our clients by delivering complete engineering solutions for all aspects of our activities, including: selecting the right product for the defined purpose, performing engineering analysis from an energy-saving perspective, conducting lighting planning and calculations, carrying out lighting tests, and so on.

Lighting for streets, highways, paths, public parks, and tunnels
Floodlights, lighting for sports fields, industrial facilities, and parking lots
Architectural lighting for piazzas, buildings, facades, and sites
Smart street lighting (smart cities)
Energy saving and management, emergency lighting control, and A/C surge protection

Across the brands we represent, including AEC from Italy and Meyer from Germany, there is a shared belief that lighting fixtures should endow their environment with a unique, spectacular appearance, whether they are installed in buildings, on the street, or in public parks.

For example, AEC’s iconic Italo line has been selected to illuminate major cities like Milan and Dubai, thanks to its innovative urban lighting design concept.

Our lighting has been selected for many of Israel’s largest and most prestigious projects, including the Tel Aviv Promenade, the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, central streets within both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and more. 


Nygata Øvregate - Norway

Paul Heyse Underpass - Munich

Livorno - Italy

Montforthaus Feldkirch - Austria

Scandic Park Sandefjord - Norway

Regent Street - London

Kviteseid Street - Norway

Wakato Bridge - Japan


SM Universe and Kahane Group have always had a lot in common: their identities as family businesses, shared interests, workplaces that put employee wellbeing first, a commitment to timely professional service, and marketing products of the very highest standard. In fact, if we go back in time a short way, we find that Shlomo Kahane actually knew the late Shai Burstein, founder and owner of SM Universe. Shai’s children Omri and Maya also joined the company and, together with Shai’s business partner Meir Meiri, led SM Universe to new heights of success. Meir’s son Yossi became the manager of SM Universe’s Lighting Design Department, and he is known as one of the top, most highly qualified experts in the field, as a member of international lighting organizations and standards committees. A chance meeting between Michael Kahane and Omri Burstein led to the realization that the two companies had a natural connection and so much in common… and the rest is history.

In many ways, SM Universe was Kahane Group’s “missing piece” in the lighting field, because while Kahane Group was concentrating on lighting for businesses and private homes, SM Universe was developing unique activities focused on exterior lighting for smart cities. The variety of lighting solutions that SM Universe brings to the table joins the ranks of the elite brands imported by Kahane Group, like Tala and Soraa. The acquisition of SM Universe is therefore a significant step for Kahane Group as it endeavors to provide its clients and partners with the most comprehensive and advanced lighting solutions.