Green Energy for Everyone

We have the knowledge and experience to offer our clients a wide range of products and services related to renewable energy, such as home and commercial solar energy systems that enable maximum utilization of energy, electric vehicles, rechargeable batteries, solar inverters, and more. As a result, hundreds of thousands of clients now benefit daily from clean, eco-friendly energy generation, energy independence, and significantly reduced electricity expenses. The solar energy and electricity industry is an important, prominent aspect of the hi-tech world. It has been growing significantly in recent years and, with the increase in power consumption and production, this industry presents an efficient, stable, and economical solution.

PV Solutions & Storage
Electrical Switchboard Production for Industry
Low Voltage Products & Drives
Cable & Wiring Protection

Solar Field at the Knesset (Israeli Parliament)

D-Mars (2021)

Electrical Switchboards for Server Farms

Carmel Olefins