About the Low Voltage Division

We are the market leader in the import and distribution of low voltage electrical equipment (up to 1000V) and exclusively represent the top European brands in the field.

Our activities are led by our sales and promotional teams, as well as senior engineers and electricians with extensive professional and technical experience. All team members undergo training in Israel and overseas, and always stay up to date with the latest developments so we can continue providing the most professional, unique solutions to our clients.

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Meet Our Team

Our team comes in at the initial specification stages, continues through the implementation of the chosen solution, and concludes our activities with close support and oversight on-site, including tests, calibrations, and orientations as needed. We have agents deployed throughout Israel to ensure immediate response and daily availability nationwide, from north to south. As a result, many of our clients have become part of the family, as we continue to work together with loyalty and long-term friendship.

Our clients include: electrical panel manufacturers, OEM industrial plants, the defense industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Mekorot, the Israel Electric Corporation, wholesalers, and more.

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The sales & service center is one of our foremost advantages.

This center is fully staffed by skilled professionals, who provide live personal support five days a week between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm, covering various topics:

Technical Questions | Orders | Shipments | Updates | Supply Times | Price Quotes | Inventory | Deficiencies | & More

Our sales team will answer your questions, take your requests, turn those requests into price quotes, and then help to advance the price quotes to the confirmed order stage.

Once your order has been placed, we track the shipment, so we can update you about the location of your shipment at any given time.

We invest every effort in order to deliver outstanding service and maintain our value of service excellence, as well as the customer experience as a central pillar of our corporate culture.

Supply Chain

We are able to provide next-day delivery for most goods

a service enabled by our large, varied inventory as well as our very talented delivery drivers.

This is supported by our cutting-edge logistics center, which is equipped with advanced machines that make our productivity and throughput much faster and more efficient.

In order to optimize and speed up the picking and packing processes, we now use semi-automatic picking machines and have established a separate goods reception area for equipment and products, in order to maintain clear order and separation.

In addition, we have new pallet wrapping machines and forklifts that have replaced the previous equipment, improving the way we perform our day-to-day work.


We Represent Leading Brands


The low voltage field is one of the longest-established activities within Kahane Group.
Since the very beginning, we have upheld the values of fast professional service alongside the highest quality products on the market.
Service and installation are performed by Kahane Group’s electrical panel service and upgrade division, which includes a team of senior engineers and electricians with vast professional and technical experience. This team undergoes training in Israel and overseas, while always staying up to date with the most cutting-edge technologies. We provide unique professional solutions from the specification stages, which define the required equipment, to close oversight and support in the field, including testing, calibrating, and fine-tuning, while delivering an immediate response and full 24/7 on-site availability to all clients nationwide, from north to south.

Leading Products

ABB Compact ATS
ABB Ability™ EDCS
ABB Embedded ATS
Fuji Electric Drives
High Voltage Products

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