The low voltage field is one of the longest-established activities within Kahane Group.
Since the very beginning, we have upheld the values of fast professional service alongside the highest quality products on the market. Service and installation are performed by Kahane Group’s electrical panel service and upgrade division, which includes a team of senior engineers and electricians with vast professional and technical experience. This team undergoes training in Israel and overseas, while always staying up to date with the most cutting-edge technologies. We provide unique professional solutions from the specification stages, which define the required equipment, to close oversight and support in the field, including testing, calibrating, and fine-tuning, while delivering an immediate response and full daily on-site availability to all clients nationwide, from north to south.


Operating & Installing Speed Drives

Installing Speed Drives & Soft Starters

Upgrading Existing Speed Drives

Ensuring Optimal Fine-Tuning & Calibration

24/7 Support for Fuji Speed Drives

Service Lab for Testing & Assembling “Faulty” Equipment

Servicing Air Breakers & Replacing Old Breakers

Adding Equipment to Electrical Panels


Sessions & Seminars for Kahane Employees / External Clients

Offering Training & Courses in Collaboration with ORT Hermelin College
Includes projects to monitor energy consumption in electrical panels and promote energy savings, regardless of circuit breaker type/company

Supplying, Installing & Programming the System Until Delivery to the Client
Includes upgrading existing circuit breakers and receiving advance notice (without the need to disconnect the electricity)

Contact details for the Low Voltage Service Division