About TOTO

The award-winning Toto restaurant is considered one of Israel’s most exclusive eateries. Following the return of its founder, the visionary chef Yaron Shalev, Toto reopened in 2022 after undergoing a massive renovation. The long bar has become more central, there is now a wonderful open kitchen that diners can admire, and in general it’s hard not to be impressed by an overhaul that represents an investment of millions of shekels. The menu presents a personal yet provocative interpretation of classic Mediterranean cuisine, and each dish is an unending delight that charms all the senses.

Kahane’s Solution

Kahane Group played a major role in the establishment of the new-look restaurant, which is now firmly at the heart of Tel Aviv’s culinary scene. As befits a high-end restaurant where even the smallest details are carefully considered, we were selected to supply advanced solutions that would elevate the customer experience, as well as the wellbeing of the restaurant’s staff, in terms of both aesthetics and comfort.

Bose Pro Sound System

Today, all restaurateurs recognize that first-class sound is an inseparable part of the dining experience. We chose high-quality Bose Pro speakers to adorn the Toto restaurant and accentuate the diners’ enjoyment with just the right audio accompaniment to the restaurant’s ambience. Each area of the restaurant was matched with the most appropriate speakers: the indoor section was outfitted with stylish recessed speakers, while speakers resistant to all weather conditions were installed in the outdoor area. For the adjacent Toto Bakery, we chose white speakers that suit the Parisian aesthetic of the space and produce a very pleasant, precise audio experience.

Lighting Fixtures

Each restaurant has its own unique character, and this is what inspires the overall design. One of the key, decisive elements in this design is the choice of lighting. In order to create just the right ambience for Toto, we decided to illuminate the space with Soraa’s pioneering LEDs based on gallium nitride (GaN-on-GaN technology), which give each bulb the ideal crystalline appearance and provide a full color spectrum that brings out the best in every creation.
Once we understood the client’s vision and the ambience they wanted to create, we installed an elegant lighting fixture that would house the Soraa bulbs and extend in a long row along the dining tables and bar area, with the aim of directly illuminating each table and giving each dish an intriguing, appetizing look. We also used lighting fixtures by the British Tala brand in various areas throughout the restaurant and bakery. This lighting has a soft, understated look that shapes the new Toto restaurant’s intimate, pleasant atmosphere.


Toto’s renovation aimed to expand and upgrade the restaurant in every conceivable way. It was therefore important to include a solution that would control the restaurant’s electrical systems and optimize the staff’s productivity. ABB’s control panels transform the restaurant into a smart environment, with customized functions. The panels have an elegant glass finish that suits the restaurant’s prestigious ambience and are compatible with the world’s most advanced control systems. The exact functions on each control panel can be defined in accordance with the client’s needs and requirements. Using these panels, you can control all electrical systems, including lighting, drapes, audio, and air conditioning, at the touch of a button – inside or outside the restaurant, via a dedicated app.