About the Electronic Components Division

We specialize in importing, marketing, and distribution of electromechanical components and assemblies.

The majority of our activity is focused on the defense, medical device, and OEM markets. Therefore, the products we supply comply with the stringent standards required for rugged work environments, including the US MIL-STD. We provide a range of systems that all ensure high reliability and survivability.


Our solutions include various controllers, such as: switches, buttons and joysticks, relays, various emergency switches, connectors, LED indicators for the panel, selectors, sensors, mounting details intended for PCB assembly, and more.

Our products have been integrated in a range of defense and medical systems, such as the Iron Dome, Merkava tanks, Namer APCs, and various land, sea, and air systems, in addition to invasive and aesthetic surgery systems, auxiliary systems for accessible vehicles, and more..


Meet Our Team

Based on a close partnership with each client and an in-depth understanding of each project’s needs, our technical team is able to create the optimal solution by leveraging their extensive experience and our wide variety of options. Our engineers work closely with the client’s R&D team, guiding the process from the initial specification phase, through 3D rendering, prototyping, product development, and adaptation to client needs, until the ongoing production phase.

We are the official importers of the leading electronics brands