About the ILS Electrical Panel Factories

We specialize in producing and assembling low voltage electrical panels for the full spectrum of projects: industry, public buildings, data centers, and mega projects. The ILS electrical panel factories have been in operation for over three decades and cover more than 3,000 sqm. Each factory includes a large and highly skilled engineering department, a state-of-the-art manufacturing department, a stringent professional quality control system, and a qualified team that enables us to provide rapid solutions in accordance with client needs. ILS is recognized as a leader in this field due to our decades of seniority and experience, product quality, reliable professional service, compliance with schedules, and dedication to both safety and environmental protection.

our partners

ILS is proud to represent the Danish Logstrup brand. We specialize in developing advanced production technologies for low voltage electrical systems. By combining Logstrup switchboards with ABB switching equipment, we are able to deliver the highest quality solutions at the forefront of technological innovation.

our people

ILS has a team of around 100 skilled professionals across several departments, who continually respond to market and client needs:

Engineering Department -  A team of engineers and practical engineers specializing in electrical panel engineering, planning, project management, and quality control, in accordance with client needs.

Planning, Control & Logistics Department -   Handles the ongoing process of production and procurement from Israeli and international suppliers in order to secure the best products and components, in line with each project’s schedules.

Production Department -  Manufactures electrical panels in accordance with Israeli and international law and standards, client requirements, the approved plans, and the Logstrup guidelines, all of which are reflected in the plans received from the Engineering Department.

Service Department -   ILS has always made customer service its highest priority. This is the founding value of the Service Department, which provides 24/7 availability and responses, delivering rapid and flexible service in accordance with client needs.

All ILS team members undergo regular professional training sessions and hold certifications for performing electrical panel production work.


ILS designs, manufactures, and supplies all types of electrical panels required in the market up to 1000 VAC / 1500 VDC, in accordance with all forms of separation defined by Israeli and international standards, from Form 1 to Form 4b. The base of the panel is built from zinc and aluminum alloys, creating a ferromagnetic advantage. Separation is enforced by molded aluzinc plates, ensuring excellent safety during operation and maintenance. This modular structure allows for the production of all panel types, including main panels, sub/distribution panels, control panels, fixed and removable MCC starter panels with front and/or rear operational access, and front, rear, upper, and lower interface access.

Fast Facts

In order to consistently uphold the highest standards, ILS complies with the most stringent quality control procedures and holds the highest SII permit for electrical panel production, with no current restrictions.

ILS maintains a large parts inventory, enabling a rapid response to client requirements
The ILS Factory is approx. 3,000 sqm and includes planning, production, service, and QA departments
ILS is overseen by the SII and complies with the ISO 9002 quality management system
ILS uses ABB switching and command equipment to build electrical panels
Personal Relationship with the Client
Exceptional Service
Expertise in Large Projects
Schedule Compliance
Competitive Pricing

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ILS products are certified by the Standards Institution of Israel (SII) and the international IEC standard.

Permit #71750 for the T4P Tamhash system, current up to 3200A with ABB switching equipment
Permit #71751 for the Logstrup Omega system, unrestricted current with ABB and Schneider switching equipment
Permit #70601 for the Rittal Ri4Power system, current up to 2600A with ABB switching equipment