About the Home Security Division

The Home Security Division is engaged in planning, consulting on, and building smart low-voltage security systems that meet the client’s security requirements. We present a winning solution that combines state-of-the-art technology with full integration between the individual systems and a smart home or building management system. These systems are suitable for the business and private sector and incorporate the latest hi-tech solutions that enable complete system analytics.


We present a wide range of advanced security systems, cameras, intrusion detection systems, and control systems. Additionally, we develop security platforms for multi-interface control systems and integrated security sites, innovative alarm systems, and security services of the highest standard.


Access control systems are an important element in the security of smart buildings.

They are designed for security purposes, alongside the building’s other security and alarm systems, and ensure that only authorized personnel can enter a secure area. These systems provide an effective response to the security needs of private homes, office buildings, chain stores, factories, and other facilities, and complement various other security systems, like alarms and CCTV. In the case of workplaces, access control systems verify employees’ authorization to enter different areas of the workplace.

Our solutions include: keypad entry, intercoms and cameras, and biometric access control.


Intrusion detection systems are essential for protecting people’s safety and securing their property, whether in private homes or in a business context. These systems detect intrusion into the secured property, providing accurate alerts from the moment the break-in is detected, and also deter potential burglars, who recognize the difficulty of breaking into a structure outfitted with this type of system.

The systems incorporate sensors utilizing different technologies, as well as a hub that receives the sensor inputs and determines when to issue an alert, and various other software components.


We provide specifications and installation for security cameras, which monitor and record activity at the property at any given moment. The system can consist of any number of cameras, from one to dozens or hundreds, all integrated within a single management system adapted to the client’s needs. The security cameras also broadcast their feed to closed-circuit screens belonging to the property owner, which cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties.

We understand how to provide security solutions, including new installations and upgrades of existing systems, in order to fulfill architects’ design requirements. All of our systems include analytical capabilities and enable easy, convenient access to all data.