Smart Technology for Modern Construction

Kahane Group is designing the structures of tomorrow, uniting breakthrough innovation with the development of advanced smart building technologies. With smart home systems, state-of-the-art electrical panels, smart lighting, and more, we make energy efficiency easier than ever. Now you can enjoy and connect to smart buildings, thanks to our digital solutions, which enable you to control all your building systems from any location, at any time. As each building has its own individual requirements, we offer a complete range of smart solutions to enable planning flexibility, as well as the implementation of solutions customized to meet every need. Our expert professional teams are also on hand to help integrate these smart building solutions with the building’s existing systems, creating the best comprehensive solution.

PV Solutions & Storage
Electrical Switchboard Production for Industry
Low Voltage Products & Drives
Smart Home & Building Systems
EV Charging, Infrastructure Construction, Parking Lot & Energy Management System Solutions
Building Automation
Designer Electrical Fixtures, Smart Systems & Door Entry
Designer Lighting
Home Security