About the Solar Energy Division

Kahane Energy was established in 2008 and is considered both a pioneer and leader in the solar energy industry. We specialize in the design, production, and distribution of renewable energy solutions under one roof, providing top-to-bottom solar solutions from the consulting and planning phase to the delivery of the comprehensive solution. These solar solutions can be adapted for ground, floating, commercial, domestic, and storage systems.
In order to provide a truly comprehensive service, this division has 150 employees covering departments such as: design, production, R&D, service, marketing, and sales.


We have the knowledge required to provide a wide range of solar industry solutions, including: marketing and distribution of Sungrow, the world’s leading inverter brand;

production of electrical switching kits by the global ABB company; and the production of DC boxes, optimizers, structures, solar panels, robots, cables, storage solutions, and EV charging stations.

Our Production Plants

The Solar Energy Division has two production plants covering 1,000 sqm, including a production and assembly plant for ABB electrical panels. These panels specialize in 1500 VDC PV panels and provide a solution for all inverter types. In addition, the plant assembles 1000A distribution panels.
The production plant harnesses many years of experience and expertise in all solar industry systems, as well as a high production capacity, to ensure rapid delivery to the client’s site. The plant works in full cooperation with the Solar Energy Division’s planning and R&D departments, and is able to offer clients innovative, creative solutions, such as: communication and monitoring panels, cyber protection solutions, floating systems, and more.

Construction Plant

Our construction plant was established to provide the highest standard of engineering planning, alongside uncompromising professionalism and customer service. We therefore always plan and produce in accordance with each client’s exact requirements, creating the perfect tailor-made solution for each project. All the equipment and materials we use have been inspected by a qualified construction professional and are approved for use in accordance with industry standards, as well as Israeli weather and wind conditions.

our people

Solar Service

Our experienced professional service team has extensive knowledge of the solar energy industry. This gives us in-depth understanding of client needs, and helps us to adapt unique solutions to the individual requirements of each project. We have very quick response times to every service call, which is handled in the most professional manner.

Sungrow Solar Inverters

Kahane Group has an exclusive marketing and distribution with Sungrow, the global giant that supplies inverters and renewable energy solutions. Sungrow is a world leader in the PV field and devotes significant resources to solar inverter R&D. Alongside its widespread activities in the solar panel sector, Kahane Group has added the marketing and sale of Sungrow solar inverters to its portfolio, ensuring that it supplies a wide range of high-quality solutions in this field.


Case Studies

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Solar Field at the Knesset (Israeli Parliament)

Solar Field at Camp Ramon

Solar Energy System for a Local Clinic in Tanzania

D-Mars (2021)

Installation of Sungrow Inverters

Sderot Effluent Reservoir

Magen Shaul Greenhouses


Dairy Farm, Kibbutz Sdot Yam