We specialize in the marketing, specification, and integration of smart energy and property management systems for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, including production plants and public or private structures. Our building automation systems represent an innovative leap forward, enabling full control, monitoring, and analysis of a building’s energy consumption.

 What is a building automation system? A computerized system that enables management, control, and oversight of a building’s mechanical and electrical systems. This innovative solution allows optimization of electrical consumption for maximum efficiency. A smart energy management system is considered the best way to streamline the use of energy systems, such as air conditioning, lighting, power supply, water pump, battery, generator, smoke detection, fire extinguishing, and other systems. These systems operate in multiple dimensions, from load management (preventing malfunctions that can damage or disable the production process or day-to-day business operations) to pure savings and efficiency. 


ABB Ability™ Platform

ABB is one of the world’s leading and most advanced energy management brands. The company recently developed a cutting-edge energy management system for buildings that includes a high level of control via the ABB Ability™ plug-and-play platform.

Thanks to cloud technology, this system enables even users with no background in energy management to analyze and understand all energy aspects of the given location, so you can improve comfort, productivity, and safety while also enhancing energy efficiency and evading potential load or supply issues.

System Benefits

You can make optimal use of the system via your mobile phone, tablet, or computer at any time, anywhere, and in line with your specific needs, while enjoying a user-friendly online interface and advanced UX.

Overall monitoring of building performance, including oversight of electrical systems and cost calculation
Forecasting the property’s needs and early verification, helping to take preliminary action to prevent malfunctions and energy waste
Scheduling data reception and processing it automatically, improving property utilization and empowering business decision making
Remotely setting up alerts for certain professionals, implementing an effective optimization strategy, managing maintenance activities, and scheduling future operations

ABB Ability™ Platform

The ABB Ability™ system is optimized for the simultaneous energy management of several different facilities. You can compare the performance of the facilities and create a user profile based on permissions. 

Businesses and organizations that have implemented the new ABB Ability™ system testify that they have saved up to 20% on electrical expenses and up to 30% on maintenance. It therefore justly deserves its reputation as one of the best, most advanced energy systems now on the market.





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