About the Company

LUSIX is a major producer of lab-grown diamonds, with an advanced manufacturing facility estimated to be worth $90 million. More than 1,600 scientists, engineers, technicians, and doctors work there, designing, building, and operating diamond production machines based on the world’s most cutting-edge technologies.

Kahane’s Solution

LUSIX selected Kahane Group to upgrade their facility with state-of-the-art solutions that would optimize efficiency while increasing employee wellbeing. After defining the company’s needs in accordance with the type of facility, our teams worked together in effective synergy in order to lead the project forward and provide LUSIX with all of the requested solutions in the most optimal manner. Each division played a role, based on its own unique knowledge and experience.

EV Charging Solutions

Our Sync team installed ABB’s AC electric vehicle charging stations throughout the facility. We have represented ABB for 50 years and their smart charging stations are MID-compliant, with a smart management and consumption system.

Building Automation

A building automation system is a computerized system that enables the management, control, and monitoring of the facility’s mechanical and electrical systems. As part of this project, Kahane Group’s building automation team installed a modern system that enables maximum control over various parameters, while providing detailed information on the status of each facility system. This ensures rapid notification of any technical or electrical faults anywhere in the building, for air conditioning, lighting, power supply, water pump, battery, generator, smoke detection, and fire extinguishing systems, among others. For the LUSIX facility, the building automation system is invaluable: any malfunction within the lab can seriously impact diamond production, which quickly becomes very expensive. It is therefore vital to have a system that can identify and avert malfunctions in advance, while also providing real-time alerts to any problems that do occur, minimizing damage to the greatest extent possible. We are currently working on installing a load and energy management system to optimize the facility’s energy consumption and facilitate smart, controlled operations.


We installed unique Soraa bulbs throughout the LUSIX facility. These ZEROBLUE bulbs, with Nobel Prize-winning technology, are based on gallium nitride (GaN-on-GaN), which gives each bulb the perfect crystalline structure and impressive dimming capabilities that deepen the natural tones of each space, creating pleasant, flattering illumination.


A smart home system makes it possible to control multiple electrical systems simultaneously, via one switch, several switches, or even a mobile phone. Kahane Group’s smart home team installed smart home systems in the LUSIX facility with the goal of creating a smarter, better, and more comfortable workplace. Each system enables the facility’s electrical systems – air conditioning, lighting, blinds, doors, drapes, and also security systems – at the push of a button. The system adapts itself to the work environment and therefore improves quality of life, in line with the individual needs of LUSIX employees.