About the Lighting Division

Our Lighting Division leads and specializes in the import and marketing of light bulbs and lighting fixtures by the world’s foremost brands, for both private clients and the business sector. We represent Tala and Soraa in Israel – two premium lighting brands that present a full spectrum of design and technological solutions to any lighting need.

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The Soraa brand rose to prominence in the lighting world due to its unique LED technology, which presents spectacular and especially high-quality lighting solutions. Soraa bulbs are popular in many areas, including private homes, institutions, restaurants, and stores, and are particularly treasured by top architects and designers. Soraa’s unique technology enables precise color fidelity, with LEDs that cover the entire spectrum from violet to deep red light. The bulb also provide high-intensity light that ensures complete, uniform illumination that gives the environment or perceived object a uniquely precise appearance.


Soraa was founded by a team of scientists united by their passion for the world of engineering and semiconductors. Challenging conventions, they developed pioneering LEDs based on gallium nitride (GaN-on-GaN technology), which give each bulb the ideal crystalline appearance. Thanks to this advanced technology, the LEDs provide a full color spectrum that simulates natural light and accurately depicts all colors and textures.


One of Soraa’s founders is Professor Shuji Nakamura, 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics Laureate, who is known as the father of LED technology thanks to his invention of the blue LED. In 2006, Nakamura and his colleagues at UC Santa Barbara began developing the highest quality LEDs, using technology that would constitute a major breakthrough in the field and lead to the next generation of LED bulbs. Nakamura and his fellow scientists then founded Soraa – a high-end brand, and the world’s only company offering full-spectrum LED lighting that matches and even surpasses the quality and performance of the halogen bulb.


It’s time to admire a full spectrum of perfect illumination! Soraa has harnessed state-of-the-art technology to create unrivaled lighting quality that brings the complete natural light spectrum into the home, where we can see and experience lighting like never before.


How do you create white light without blue light? By using violet light! Soraa’s unique technology supports a healthy sleep cycle by replacing blue light with harmless violet light. This has made it possible to develop the world’s first blue-free LED bulb, which neutralizes the problematic blue element in LED lighting.


Many white objects have fluorescence that is only detectable under violet light. Soraa LEDs cover the entire spectrum from violet to deep red, enabling them to render every shade of white.


Soraa bulbs have impressive compatibility with various dimmers. Please see the full compatibility chart for all Soraa bulbs, included with each of our products on the website.


Soraa, as the world leader in LED technology, has added a cutting-edge digital driver to its award-winning MR16 bulb, making it completely flicker free. These flicker-free bulbs eliminate the stroboscopic effect, known as “invisible flickering.”


Case Studies

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